Monday, July 29, 2013

Was Trayvon Martin a Communist?

It seems unlikely that Trayvon Martin belonged to the Communist Party, but Terresa Monroe-Hamilton has documented that some of the old White guys currently claiming to "be Trayvon" did...

And why is that bad? Why was the Communist Party ever a threat to national security, when so many Americans liked some of their ideas? Because the Communist Party openly favored force and violence, and wanted to foment dissent that would lead to violent crime and open the door to a violent revolution. And apparently some of those guys are still spoiling for a fight.

Hence events like this weekend's mugging, in which three Black goons told the White man they attacked that they were beating him up and stealing his money "for Trayvon." Ohhh be still my heart; I'm sure the Martin family felt sooo proud. (Not!)

TMH's e-friend Trevor Loudon can fairly be described as a McCarthyite...but it seems that, although the original ideals of Marxist "Communist" Parties worldwide are as dead as Lenin, we still need a few McCarthyites to help diagnose more current manifestations of violent insanity.

If I felt moved to do something in memory of Trayvon Martin, here are a quick few ideas I'd consider that would actually honor the young man and his family: Send his siblings, cousins, friends, or neighbors (as many of them as funds allowed) to college. Make a memorial donation to his school, or to a charity (was he even old enough to have had a favorite charity?). "Adopt" a highway or a park bench in his name. Light a small, cheap candle in his name and stand around it holding hands and eating Skittles. Compose a song for people to sing while doing any of these memorial rituals, or any other memorial ritual that may occur to them.

But do not start a color war in which more young people, including children younger and smaller and more innocent than Trayvon Martin, will be hurt. That is absolutely the worst memorial Martin could possibly have.