Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cost Per Calorie: Where McLogic Breaks Down

I can't even Google+ Becket Adams' article...


...Too many McDonalds employees are overloading the system, plussing this article like mad. But I'd like to call attention to the breakdown of the company spokesman's McLogic in the actual article. A cheeseburger contains nutrients, yes, if you can digest them. (I can't; the best thing about a plain greasy hamburger, no cheese and no bun, is that the fat has a laxative effect on me.) If you need two thousand calories per day, and you eat one real meal and one snack per day, then a cheeseburger might be a viable part of your diet plan. But, er, um...if your ideal weight is 125 pounds, you'd have to be a full-time professional athlete to use two thousand calories per day!