Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tribute to Dame Helen Mirren

It's always nice when an actor's work generates tributes while s/he is (1) still alive, (2) still acting, and (3) old enough that retirement would be a respectable option. Thanks to Terresa Monroe-Hamilton for sharing Spencer Blohm's tribute to the British actress known as Helen Mirren:

Hmm. That picture looks about as good, to me, as recent photos of Grandma Bonnie Peters at 78...but my purpose here was to agree with Spencer Blohm about the enduring beauty and coolness of active senior citizens. There's a certain transition point for hair and skin, beyond which people definitely can't pass for 25-year-olds any more...and apart from that, healthy people don't really look "older" and can remain beautiful, sometimes into their nineties. Long may Dame Helen Mirren wave.