Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Offering the Wrong Choice Alienates Left-Wing Women Too

Do we have a theme here? When left-wing politicians try to attract women voters by assuming that all women want to "choose" abortion (and that that's pretty much all women do want), they alienate even born-and-raised left-wing women.


Yes, young women, you do have a choice. And although this overpopulated world might be better off if you'd chosen abstinence from procreative sex until age thirty, you still also have the choice of taking responsibility for any children you may carelessly have chosen to bring into this world. The other things you want to do can wait...at least long enough for you to give birth to the normal healthy full-term baby some older woman is longing to adopt.

No, I'm not saying that if the situation is horrible enough that abortion was your own idea you should force yourself to suffer as much as possible; the radical anti-abortion position tends to be taken by people who think there's some cosmic moral value in masochism. But I am saying that a "choice" to miss a year of school, even to educate people at school or work about the benefits of keeping babies close to their mothers, would have some positive social value, whereas abortion would have, at best, only survival value.