Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Best Way to Control Weeds

Erica Ritz has documentation, and photos, of the cool, Green, unbearably cute way the San Francisco International Airport is controlling weeds:

It'll work for you, too, Gentle Readers. Not only are goats a safe, clean, cute way to control weeds, not only do they avoid eating grass and concentrate on the "brush" that fouls up lawn mowers; many goats especially like to eat poison ivy.

We posted something about this last year, and we'll say it again, in memory of my red-haired aunt who lived in fear of poison ivy and whose brush with sprayed poison ivy actually put her in the intensive care unit. (So far as she knew, she didn't inhale the spray, but somehow the reaction got into her lungs.) Never try to kill poison ivy with poisons. And if you're worried about inhaling the volatile oils as poison ivy burns, stop worrying--you don't have to burn it, either. Rent a goat!