Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Do You Like an Open Kitchen?

Ezra Klein strays off his usual topic to discuss how people feel about having kitchens that do or don't open directly into the dining or sitting rooms:


The Cat Sanctuary originally had a kitchen with a solid wall and a door that opened into what was meant to be the sitting room. Probably due to other structural reasons, nobody ever chose to sit or eat in the sitting room; nature just seems to intend it to be used as a mud room and nothing more--although as teenagers, when we wanted to get up early and leave without disturbing other family members, my brother and I used to take turns sleeping in it. And when my parents started remodelling, the first thing they did was to enlarge the kitchen to make room for the twin sinks, counters, cabinets, two stoves (wood-burning and electric), storage areas, and the dinner table. This kitchen proclaims "All food stays here." I love it. I'll never change it.

Should more houses and apartments in Washington come with fully separated kitchens, eat-in kitchens, or open-plan kitchens? I don't remember the Washington Post having discussed this in such depth before, and I'm intrigued. If you have an opinion on this topic, please weigh in.