Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Is Morgan Griffith Hiding?

It's August, people. Nature did not intend for anybody to be in Washington in August, nor did nature make it easy for people in Virginia to think about Washington-type business in August. However, today's e-mail contained a slightly annoying prod, apparently forwarded by a fellow Virginian but originating elsewhere, suggesting that our Congressman might be "hiding from us" if he wasn't doing a lot of Town Hall gatherings.

Virginia's Ninth District is sparsely populated and contains many small towns occupied by diverse groups of opinionated people, many of whom disagree vehemently with one another about what's best for the Ninth District...e.g., where would be the least inconvenient place for a Town Hall. One can understand why a Congressman might want to hide from us. Morgan Griffith hasn't exactly been hiding, though. This site posted his August contact information, and although only two more days of scheduled visiting hours are listed, we'll post it again:


Note that there was a scheduled visit, if not by Congressman Griffith at least by one of the trusted staffers who've probably been handling constituents' calls and letters all this time, to Gate City, and there was a visit to Bristol, and there was a visit to Big Stone Gap. I did not go into town to lobby my Congressman on either of those occasions because I expected that people with more pressing needs (such as straightening out relatives' disability pensions) were probably waiting in line anyway...but he wasn't hiding from me; I wasn't hounding him.

If any local lurkers really want to hound him, you'll get another chance in Big Stone Gap this week.