Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to Burn Your Obamacare Card

Matt Kibbe has designed a cute online graphic of a virtual Obamacare card you can "burn" right on the Internet...

After signing, the site redirects to a "sharing" rather than the usual fundraising screen, where you can in theory send this link to all your e-friends. I tried; it didn't work for me.

My comment on the "burn your card" page was that it's cute, fun, eye-catching, and I can assure you that through Matt Kibbe I've "met" only legitimate Tea Partiers...some more intelligent than others, but no jerks, creeps, trolls, or spammers. So share it by all means.

Now, if you want to get real...(sigh: time has passed since I signed off on Tuesday) the reason why repealing Obamacare hasn't worked sooner has been that fiscal conservatives, some of whom identify themselves as Democrats, haven't been able to offer a sustainable alternative. There are more Democrats in the Senate than some of us would like there to be. This does not mean we have to be stuck with Obamacare. Democrats are not necessarily stupid; they can see that Obamacare is not sustainable and will be a disaster if allowed to go into effect, but they need a sustainable alternative to offer to their constituents.

I just wrote about one...sigh...Tuesday evening. After some of you had signed off for the night; the system shows that several regular readers haven't read it yet. Please do that now.