Monday, August 5, 2013

Town Hall Magazine Offers "Government Bullies" as Premium

Gentle Readers, if I hadn't already read Rand Paul's book, Government Bullies, I would seriously consider subscribing to Town Hall Magazine just to get a free copy.

Town Hall Magazine is the printed edition of an e-magazine to which this web site subscribes, with news articles by all the big-name moderate to conservative pundits and a few rising stars. I like that they're bold enough to get real and use the web'zine to market the real printed magazine. I'd like to see their magazine prosper. I'd like to be able to afford to offer free subscriptions to all of you in and beyond the United States, too...I'm not, but I'd like to be.

I'll say this to foreign readers, though. I know a lot of you read conservative U.S. web pages and admire conservative U.S. politicians like Rand Paul. You cannot legally give money to Rand Paul as a Senator or a U.S. presidential candidate. You cannot legally borrow my online identity and send money to Rand Paul in my name, either. Most of you can legally buy books by conservative U.S. thinkers, and this web site encourages you to do that. And if you can legally subscribe to Town Hall Magazine, you can show support for Senator Paul at the same time that you also get acquainted with dozens of other conservative writers.

Should people outside the U.S. read books like Government Bullies, which document the corruption that constantly creeps into our government, and show how, the bigger government gets, the more room it offers for corruption? I think so. Most of the world is familiar with the concept of corruption in government. Reading how it happens here, too, and how we (try to) bring the rot into the light that will destroy it, may encourage people to fight corruption in their own countries rather than imagining that just coming to the U.S. will make their lives wonderful. (Actually, as discussed in No More Wacos, when bullies grow up and seek employment in the government, Border Patrol jobs where they can target people who have no legal rights in the U.S. are especially appealing to bullies.)

Government Bullies won't become a Fair Trade Book for a while. This web site recommends that you buy it new, and suggests that copies make excellent gifts.