Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bubblews and How to Join It

Bubblews is a new, low-paying, online content farm that's attracted several old friends from Associated Content. I joined it more or less by accident while looking for Debbie Dunn. The system has often failed to work for me and I've not had much time to fiddle with it, so I'll let the Bubbler known as Dougalrie introduce it with a poem that made me laugh:

What I like about Bubblews is that they promise to pay writers with new copies of our writer friends' new books, straight from Amazon. If you are an e-friend whose book has been on my Amazon Wish List for months or years, please feel free to visit Bubblews and "like" all my Bubbles (the name suggests to me short quickie ad-friendly posts, bloggy, cheerful, no politics). The more Bubbles you read, the more books I can buy! And I promise not to offer them as Fair Trade Books as long as they're available in bookstores.