Monday, August 19, 2013

Starship Enterprise Iris

The computer consistently reports that some people regularly visit this site in order to read about iris flowers. Here's something from my e-mail just for you: This week's update from Dave's Garden features an extra-tall, colorful variety of iris plant called "Starship Enterprise." As the e-mail says:

"On August 19th, 1921, Gene Roddenberry, creator and executive producer of the iconic TV series, Star Trek was born. To honor him, this week's plant is the lovely tall bearded iris 'Starship Enterprise'."

Click here to see several photos of the flowers, read the mixed reviews they've received from gardeners, and order one if you like it:

I prefer the blue-to-purple-to-white and plain yellow colors, myself, but to each his or her own...the iris genus has a flower for everybody.