Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to Preview the Ron Paul Channel

Karen Bracken forwarded this e-mail; it contains links most readers should be able to use to watch a preview of The Ron Paul Channel right on your computers...

In a few days, we’re going to launch the next chapter of our revolution.

You’ve signed up to be the first to know the details of the Ron Paul Channel -- so today, I want to give you an exclusive look at what’s in store.
The Ron Paul Channel will be a platform for the truth that you won’t hear anywhere else. We’ll feature the boldest, most fearless patriots in our movement and bring you the news and information everyone else is afraid to cover. We won’t play favorites, we won’t be influenced by advertisers, and we won’t be censored. The Ron Paul Channel will be OUR channel!

I’m so glad that tens of thousands of people have risen up in just a few weeks to declare their support for our next chapter. And before we launch, it’s up to all of us to spread this simple fact: If you want to change the media, you have to Turn Off Your TV, and Turn On the Truth!

Watch my video and sign up so you don’t miss the full launch of the Ron Paul Channel:


Dr. Ron Paul

P.S. -- Have you shared the news to become a “Founding Subscriber”? Share the news about the Ron Paul Channel and you can have your name featured in our first broadcast.