Thursday, August 22, 2013

Boyd Marcus Pulls a Dick Morris

From Patricia Evans, edited for format only. ("This sort of this" is probably a typo, but it sounds felicitous to me so I left it alone.)

We should look with interest that Boyd Marcus in Virginia is endorsing Terry McAuliffe

Another GOP Strategist Working Against the GOP

REDSTATE By Erick Erickson   |  August 20th, 2013
Ken Cuccinelli is leading an aggressive, populist, small government campaign. His latest television ad hits squarely on the theme of big companies hiring lobbyists and consultants in a bipartisan fashion and getting both sides to carve out loopholes and benefits for those big companies. The little guy is left paying for those loopholes in his taxes.

The consultants in the GOP, who’ve been profiting heavily from this sort of this, sell us “electable” candidates who cannot win against conservative candidates who will hurt their revenue stream. In that vein, we should look with interest that Boyd Marcus in Virginia is endorsing Terry McAuliffe. What is interesting is that Boyd Marcus is a consultant for Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader.
Mr. Cantor has been on a tear lately trying to sell Republicans as the party that can make government work better for you. He’s opposed to defunding Obamacare. He’s actually the guy the bigs like.
I do have to say, what is more interesting here is that Marcus is also Bill Bollings’ consultant. Bolling thought he had a lock on the nomination and failed. So his consultant jumping ship to McAuliffe shouldn’t be a surprise. But the underlying issue here is how much the establishment is invested in the establishment — regardless of the party in charge.
Boyd Marcus tells the Associated Press, “he’s endorsing McAuliffe because he sees him as the candidate willing to work with both parties to get things done.”
Where by “get things done” he no doubt means can keep the big businesses of Virginia sufficiently loopholed out of the burdens the rest of Virginia must pay for with their taxes.
Until the GOP starts purging its consultant class, it will keep having a hard time winning.
"In politics the middle way is none at all."
- John Adams

Without taking sides, Bolling says McAuliffe ‘will benefit’ from GOP strategist

NO FAVORITES: Bill Bolling is staying neutral in the Virginia governor's race. NO FAVORITES: Bill Bolling is staying neutral in the Virginia governor’s race.

RICHMOND – Before he himself switched sides, Republican strategist Boyd Marcus was all against the idea.

Marcus’ jump into Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign is ironic, given his harsh assessment of Democrat Mark Warner’s hiring of GOP consultant William Payne in 2007.
“It was a grave violation of any kind of ethical standard to go out and hire someone from the other side who had access to immense amounts of sensitive information,” Marcus said at the time.
At least one Republican, a former client, wished Marcus well on Wednesday.
“Ultimately, Boyd has to do what he thinks is in the best interests of Virginia and we respect his decision. We know the McAuliffe campaign will benefit from his knowledge and experience,” Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling’s spokeswoman, Ibbie Hedrick, told Watchdog.
Hedrick said Bolling – a former contender for the GOP gubernatorial nomination – “has not made any endorsements in the statewide campaigns and he does not plan on making any endorsements.”
Since 2003, the political consulting firm of Marcus & Allen LLC earned a combined $182,000 from Bolling For Lieutenant Governor, Bolling For Governor and the Bolling Inaugural Committee.
The McAuliffe campaign has not divulged Marcus’ salary.

"I would quarrel with both parties and with every individual of each, before I would subjugate my understanding, or prostitute my tongue or pen to either."

  -- John Adams

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