Friday, August 9, 2013

Unclaimed Cash in Stockton, California

News of the weird...very weird...Goodwill employee Lakiesha Williams found $105,000 in a donated book. People who buy things secondhand often find cash rebates, but not usually of this size, so Ms. Williams reported her find to her employers. They're publicizing the news of this find to see whether the donor of the book will step forward. If the donor does not claim the book--as it might be because, like many people who donate multiple items to charity stores, the donor was grieving and not even looking at the titles of the books s/he was clearing off Grandma's bookshelf--then Goodwill will keep the money, returning ten percent of the find to Ms. Williams as a reward for her honesty.

Ten percent?


The person who tucked the cash into the book may have forgotten having done that before s/he died, but ten percent? Would that be because Ms. Williams is one of the disabled people Goodwill brags about employing? Would that also explain why Yahoo News is patronizingly referring to her by her given name?

This web site wouldn't blame anybody out there who claimed to have donated the book in order to split the money with Ms. Williams, 50-50. Even if the claim was fraudulent, it'd still be more ethical than the 90-10 split Goodwill has offered.

And this related news story almost seems like some sort of cosmic justice toward Goodwill...