Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mark Fitzgibbons Supports Ken Cuccinelli

I received the full text of a campaign document Mark Fitzgibbons wrote on Ken Cuccinelli's behalf in the e-mail. Here's the document:

One quote's especially worth sharing with those who've expressed concern about the "Italian = Catholic = anti-abortion" thing. I agree that it's presumptuous for a man to have much of an opinion on this topic, unless it might be "I like babies and would like to be the generous adoptive uncle of a baby who's at risk for an unnecessary abortion," and the more men who say that, the better. However, the system's not set up in such a way that a governor could impose his or her religious beliefs on the state without the consent of a majority, in any case. Thank God...and James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. And consider this thought:

"Who among us could run for governor--and win?"