Friday, August 30, 2013

Norb Leahy Sums Up Local Plans

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Hmm. I could've just "plussed" it since I have nothing to add, but I wanted to explain a new feature of Blogspot to readers who don't know about it yet. Blogspot is hosted by Google; therefore Blogspot pages are accessible to Google +, which is more of a networking site rather than a blog site.

Blogspot made sure bloggers would discover Google + by introducing a glitch that, for a few months, demanded that we "plus" our blog posts. So last winter I "plussed" a lot of pages here. Blogspot then introduced a way to turn off this feature, and Blogspot runs more smoothly when it's turned off. So now I seldom "plus" my own posts, but try to "plus" other people's pages if they have the Google + software.

The result is that you should be seeing some + signs in the top part of this screen. There should be one you can use to recommend your favorite posts here to other people, which of course you're welcome to do; it may show "Google +" or "G +" or "+ Share." There should also be one you can use to see what I've plussed lately; on computers I've used it shows "+ Priscilla." And I'd like to encourage readers to click that button every week or two, because now that the system is working I'm "plussing" a lot of cool links that I would, formerly, have had to take the time to embed in short posts here, and now the Google + page is the place where you'll find those.