Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Karen Bracken on the "Smart Grid"

Regular readers already know what this is all about. New readers may go directly to www.stopsmartmeters.org to find out. "Smart meters" definitely do not lower the cost of electricity, may harm your health (depending on how much time you spend in the part of your house closest to the meter), and could in theory be used by terrorists to black out electricity or even set fire to whole neighborhoods. Here's Karen Bracken's e-mail, edited for format:

Please go to www.popvox.com and send your opposition for HR2685.  This bill will make it mandatory to create the GRID and put a Smart Meter on every house.   We will also end up paying for other countries to join the GRID.  If you think NSA was watching everything you do if this GRID gets put in we are in deep trouble.  The group that is heading this up is SGIP and it is headed up by a long time leader within the UN.
If you are not registered with popvox I encourage you to join.  Once you register you will have the ability to send your support or opposition for a bill and your email will go directly to your House Rep or Senator's IPAD.  What makes this nicer than sending an email through their website is popvox gives you the ability to see how many people have sent emails and what % is in support or in opposition.  Register then put the bill # in the search area at top.
PLEASE OPPOSE HR2685 (Electric Grid)
PLEASE SUPPORT HR75 (Get the US out of the UN)
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