Friday, April 12, 2024

Bonus Post: Borders

Everything needs a border.

Fair-use photo from Black Sheep Wools. ("Fair use" here means that I'm not making any money from these pictures--they're decorations on an article that's free for you to read--but the sites that own the pictures may be. Merchandise at commercial knitting sites comes and goes. You may still be able to buy either the knitted pieces shown, or instructions for knitting something similar.)

Borders are the most visible way people set boundaries. Crossing them without permission is disrespectful. Such disrespect provokes angry defenses. Never trust anyone who says it's all right to cross borders without an invitation.

Fair-use photo from KG Threads.

All things in nature have borders we can see,
And so must all things knitted. Some have tried
To border knits with weaving. This would be
Frowned on today. The fame and pride
Of knitting's thought to call for knitted borders.
Even crocheting edges on what's knitted 
Seems like performing operas on recorders.
To border knitting, only knitting's fitted.

Fair-use photo from The Knitting Space.

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