Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Book Review: The Billionaire's Repeat

Title: The Billionaire's Repeat

Author: Jenna Brandt

Date: 2019

Publisher: Jenna Brandt

Quote: "Besides, he enjoyed keeping himself busy--except when it involved running into his ex-co-star-and-girlfriend, Rachel."

The former TV series stars have gone on to succeed in business as they've grown up. When they're called together for a publicity "reunion" event, they get stuck in an elevator during a power outage that lasts just long enough for the romance to stay in the "sweet" category. If the power outage had lasted longer, it might have become a "steamy"...

This bit of fluff has floated around book promotion sites as part of the author's frantic campaign of self-promotion. It's a short story packaged together with three opening scenes of other short romances, which seems to me to defeat its purpose but fills up Amazon's suggested word count. The final "chapters" of the "book" consist of more self-promotion including an unfortunate photo of the author. 

If you like isolated scenes from the stories of fictional characters, this book s for you. You like having things left to your imagination and will probably enjoy making up stories to go with all the other titles Amazon's suggested marketing program has brought to the author's mind. Or, of course, you can buy lots more short-short romances from this author. I think she's invented more young, single billionaires than exist in the real world, but what is life without our dreams?

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