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Book Review: Once a Thief

Title: Once a Thief

Author: Jan Thompson

Date: 2017

Publisher: Georgia Press

ISBN: 978-1-944188-38-2

Quote: "Helen wished that Mom would be more forthcoming with her."

Helen Hu is carrying on her father's business, Who Knows, Inc., tracking down missing persons and stolen art. And Madame an art thief. She got interested in art theft long ago, with an ex-boyfriend. Now another theft will give her a chance to tell Helen her secrets and give Helen a chance to meet the ex-boyfriend's son. 

Suspense, intrigue, and criminal psychology push the romance into the background of the story, but this is a romance as much as a detective story. And it is, technically, a Christian story; Helen wants to do the right thing not only for her business but also in the sight of God.

It's not the kind of detective story I can easily get into, but it may be just your cup of tea, so don't take my lack of enthusiasm too seriously. I'm outside my genre. I do want, though, to call attention to the innovative way this series is written. Instead of one character's adventures going on and on, each character introduced in this book will reappear in another one.You'll meet the nice policeman again in Once a Hero, Helen's sister Sabine in Tell You Soon, and so on.

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