Thursday, April 25, 2024

Book Review: Rogue

Title: Rogue 

Author: Mike Winter

Date: 2017

Publisher: DN Publishing

Quote: "Hamilton talks you up, says you're the best young agent they've ever had. Maybe he's right, but make no mistake, son, this mission will make or break you."

In the world of espionage, where cold-blooded murder is all in a day's work, people's emotional balance has to be very unusual to allow them to survive. I don't read a lot of spy novels but I've never read one that emphasizes the edge of insanity on which they take place so much as this one does. 

It's a short, simple story that would print out to a slim paperback, so that's as much of the plot as can be revealed without spoiling anything. People who like spy novels may like it; I didn't guess the ending, though they might. 

Most people don't like spy novels. This one does show why. Even names...Black, Winter, Wood...I like a little spring at the end of my winters and a little new growth on my wood. That is why I don't get into novels that are all about lying, sneaking, double-crossing, and killing. But some people find such things stimulate their minds and relieve their post-traumatic stress. It's not Winter, it's me.

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