Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Petfinder Post: The Sum of All Grief

Some web site declared Sunday to be Bulldogs Day. It's hard for me to pick the cutest bulldog pictures; I personally see bulldogs as ugly. That does not make them unlovable. So here are three of the clearest, cleanest, best executed pictures of adoptable bulldogs in the Eastern States, with a NaPoWriMo poem:

Haiku for Shelter Dogs

The sum of all grief
reflected in the eyes of
the dog not taken.

Zipcode 10101: Clovis from NYC 

As a human name "Clovis" is usually given to males, but this Clovis is female. She's described as friendly and good with other dogs. Shelter staff are looking for a foster family for her. You know what that normally means. Somebody cares enough about not damaging this dog's personality, which is described as "wonderful," by keeping her in a cage, that they're willing to provide free food while you make up your mind whether you're willing to part with her. If not, sign the papers, pay back some of the cost of that food, and she'll be yours for life. As shown, Clovis is not fat, just broad-framed and muscular as bulldogs are supposed to be, and she weighs 48 pounds. 

Zipcode 20202: Rubi from Falls Church 

They say she's shy until she gets to know adult humans, and not recommended for families with children, but a clever dog who can catch things in the air and many other dog tricks. 

Zipcode 30303: Kobe from Decatur 

Kobe is another dog who's being sponsored for "fostering," meaning you not only get a free chance to find out whether he fits into your family, but may even get free food and vet care for him before you have to make the commitment. At two years old, he's probably reached his full size--about 40 pounds. He's had some training and has done well with other dogs and children. 

Note the "urgent foster needed too" in the title of his web page. Apparently not actual siblings, but "foster siblings," to Kobe are bulldog mixes called Ginger, Jerry, and Lady Nova, also tagged as in urgent need of foster care. They were in foster care before and, apparently, their humans "had to" quit keeping them. Ginger is a matching shade of reddish brown all over, without the black nose and white bib; Jerry is a sort of chocolate brown, and Lady Nova is albino with pinkish eyes. Apparently at least two of them know each other and would be happy to be fostered or adopted together again

One red flag: Due to the issues people have raised with this type of dogs, it's reasonable for shelter staff to want to make sure you have a legal right to live with any dog of your choice. I would not, however, provide any residential addresses or real-world contact information via the Internet. You can show your deed or lease when you meet in person, which is also the appropriate time to disclose your real name. 

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