Thursday, April 18, 2024

Book Review: The King's Daughters

Title: The King's Daughters

Author: Sarah Tanzmann

Date: 2016

Publisher: Sarah Tanzmann

Quote: "Titania has turned my people against me, and Ophira is consumed with rage."

Based very loosely on British fairylore, this is a prequel to a series of "Tales of the Seelie Court." If you like traditional British stories, full of battles, you'll enjoy it. If you like fairy stories in which wicked fairies can be vanquished or banished or both by magic alone, without violence, you'll hate it. 

The king and queen of fairyland were traditionally Oberon and Titania. They reigned over a mostly peaceable kingdom. This appears to be a different Titania. Arawn, here used as the name of Titania's father, was the name of Rhiannon's father, the king of the underworld, in a different genre of ancient tales. Ophira came in as an exotic name (Ophir was a legendary source of gold in the Bible). Here Titania and Ophira are rival heirs whose war will kill several fairy warriors, male and female impartially. 

I did not enjoy this take on fairylore, but you might; it's rather too well written and imagined fantasy. 

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