Friday, April 12, 2024

Book Review: Lost and Found

Title: Lost and Found 

Author: Donna B. McNicol

Date: 2012

Publisher: Donna B. McNicol

Quote: "It was getting dark and Brian, her eight-year-old son, wasn't home yet."

This is a short story written to lead into the novel Home Again, introducing Sarah, the divorced mother, and Carl, the attractive giant police officer who organizes the search when Brian fails to come home before dark. There's a hint of a possible romantic triangle but in the short story, and in the first chapter of Home Again attached to it, the focus is on Brian's adjustment to life in a small town in Kansas.

What do you think of short stories packaged together with a chapter or two from a related novel to make an e-book? If you happen to be looking for a short e-book to do a book report on, you may think they are wonderful. Well, this one is clean and wholesome. 

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