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Web Log for 4.9.24

Bible Studies 

People have all sorts of ideas about what Seventh-Day Adventists believe, often based in confusion between that denomination and some others. Accurate information about the teachings of that church:

Rome is seen as the home base of antichrist, and a united Europe is seen as a sign of "end times." An attack on the US by European powers is not specifically spelled out in the Adventist interpretation of "end time prophecies." However, if Europe attacks the US openly, the moral downfall of the US will begin with subduing Europe; if Europe or Rome subverts the US, our moral downfall will begin with alliance with Europe. That development is not seen as significant. Their interpretation of the prophecies is that the US remains the world's "super-power" but loses its lamblike innocence and virtue in doing so. The US ultimately becomes the base of global tyranny. Adventists have interpreted the prophecies of Daniel this way since the 1840s, long before anyone else imagined the US as a "super-power." 

Nostalgia, Fake 

Although 1970s prices may look like red-hot bargains today, in the 1970s nobody thought the price of anything was low, or even reasonable. Inflation was a very hot topic in the 1970s. In 1974 there was even a brief, tentative step in the direction of gas rationing.


Once again, the eclipse was a bust. It was a very dark afternoon, but a gentle steady rain was more noticeable than anything the sun was doing. Sometimes clouds make it possible to see the sun, and someone, somewhere, might have been able to look up and see the moon slide between the sun and them; it wasn't I.

Here's a video showing a total solar eclipse as seen through clouds:

Daffodils and Prunus have passed their peak. Violets are blooming steadily. I've seen redbuds in bloom at lower elevations, but the redbud at the Cat Sanctuary bloomed this morning. 

I found it interesting that people who've always lived inside the town below me were saying, last week, that they've never known redbuds and dogwoods to bloom at the same time. At this altitude, they always seem to do. The redbuds usually bloom just a day or two ahead of the dogwoods. Their blooming at the same time formed the basis for the teaching story about them--that redbuds' "blush" reminds us of Judas' shame, and dogwoods' cruciform blossoms with dark red at the tip of each petal remind us of Jesus' sacrifice. 

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