Tuesday, April 2, 2024

New Book Review: Unexpected Homecoming

Title: Unexpected Homecoming 

Author: Deanna Lilly

Date: 2023

Quote: "He had sacrificed the time to pursue a life partner on the altar of success."

But now he's back in his wholesome North Carolina home town, where he meets a lovely, wholesome, young(ish) widow who sings Beatles classics to horses. Even before the town's animal rescuer rescues his stray dog, Max wants to pursue Ellen. They only separate for a few weeks to prove that they're adults enough to ride out the initial hormone reaction, to be sure it's True Love.

It's a sweet heartwarming romance, no talk about religious matters but the wedding will take place in a church, nothing to embarrass readers if the children find it. Lilly promises her next book will be better; this one's nice. Unlikely to edge Romeo and Juliet off reading lists, but an hour or so of good clean fun to read.

If undecided, why don't you listen to the song that will play a role in the story?

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