Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oh We're Such a Terror Threat

Proof that the Tea Party is not a movement of the wealthy?


Note: "upper income Americans are more likely than others to see the Tea Party as the bigger terror threat."

The choices included the group "radical Muslims," who've actually hijacked planes, blown up buildings, and maimed people. I don't know what these "upper income" types have been fed. The "Occupy" groups called a lot of attention to a few crimes and a lot of misdemeanors committed by a few skanky individuals. I'm not aware of any Tea Party group having done anything violent, at all. (Foolish, yes; some Tea Parties seem to have been just plain parties, after which people presumably woke up with headaches and decided to blink out of cyberspace, but obviously that was a minority.)

What large-scale Tea Party groups have done has included peacefully assembling in public places, sending letters and e-mails, hosting web sites at which we discuss the news, doing jobs, living in families, and generally trying to protect everybody's right to a peaceful private life. Even the rights of rich people.

If you are a rich person and something about the Tea Party agenda outlined above bothers you, there is a simple solution. What you are feeling is guilt. You're thinking, "If I were trying to rally a political movement on the budget of this web site, I'd think I needed to rob a bank or something. Comparing my budget to the budget of this web site, I feel obscenely wealthy, and endangered." Well, first of all, this thought process shows that you're not a Real Christian, but this web site makes no assumptions about the positive alternatives open to you.

What we can recommend, without any further information about your religious life, is that you support this web site. In fact, you could even have a try at co-opting this web site. You might reason, "Well, Priscilla King says she has an astigmatism and doesn't like guns, but this web site is pro-gun; that might be because it's received funding from a gun store. PK also says she's not a churchgoer, but this web site is pro-Seventh-Day-Adventist; that might be because it's received funding from a member of that church. Maybe if I support the web site it will display something that's supportive of one of my priorities..."

And, depending on your priorities, you'd probably be right. For example, if you're a Democrat with a valid plan for overhauling our medical care system in such a way as to excise the major problem known as the insurance industry from it, this web site would support you passionately. This Tea Party is so peaceable, we're even bipartisan. I like posting nice things about Democrats. When possible.