Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Clueless Professor Tillet

This web site recently had to mention a disgrace to Virginia Tech...Lloyd Marcus now discusses a disgrace to the University of Pennsylvania.


"It takes a pretty sick mind to find racism in desiring that women not kill their babies."

Agreed. The argument here advanced by Salamishah Tillet is that some people who oppose abortion are more eager to rescue White fetuses than Black ones. The people probably exist somewhere, but if Tillet had checked the numbers Tillet would have found that abortion is appallingly over-marketed to ethnic minorities--that social workers are horribly likely to tell young women of color that they can't afford not to abort a perfectly healthy fetus that has appeared at an inconvenient time. To what extent this reflects a real genocidal intention, as has often been alleged, is not clear. The disproportionate marketing of abortion to women of African or American descent could merely reflect a tendency for women of Asian or European descent to avoid talking to social workers. But in any case, Tillet is out of order, showing ignorance, and an embarrassment to the university.