Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy New Year from Robert Hurt

Christmas is over...but this holiday greeting was also for New Year's Day, so here, with the video if it pastes, is U.S. Representative Robert Hurt (R-VA-5):

Dear Friend,
I hope you and your family are enjoying this holiday season.  Below, you can view our Holiday Video Message by clicking the image below, or clicking here.

“As we gather with our families and friends during this holiday season, I hope you will join me in giving thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon our nation – blessings of American freedom, American peace, and American bounty.
“It is fitting that at this time of year we reflect on the fact that our freedom, our peace, and our bounty have been won generation after generation by the tremendous sacrifices made by our brave men and women in uniform. Earlier this month, I was honored to be able to host five ceremonies across the Fifth District recognizing the unique service of our Vietnam veterans. We know that it is because of their service -- along with the service of all of our veterans -- that we continue to live in the most free and prosperous nation the world has ever known, and we should seek every opportunity to show our gratitude for the sacrifices each has made in the name of liberty.  I hope you will join me during this holiday season in praying for and giving thanks to all of our veterans and all of our active-duty soldiers.
"Thank you for the honor of serving as your representative in Congress. I hope that you and your family will enjoy this season of peace and good will toward men, and I wish each and every one a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year.”

Robert Hurt