Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Rest of the Best of the Blogspot, November-December 2011

(Recaptured from Blogjob.)

Here's the rest of the best of the Blogspot for 2011...
This one was madly popular, I suspect because of the cheetah pictures. They are appealing animals.
Since Google + demands some kind of graphic, why not post another public-domain cheetah picture? This one was posted by Castlelass at Morguefile: www.morguefile.com/archive/display/991996.
This might be called the Cat Sanctuary's militant manifesto. It first attracted controversy at Associated Content...
This list of Green gardeners' friends was written for AC, too, but never published there.
Some people who talk and write easily, for hours on end, to entertain others, really should censor themselves. Howard Stern is probably the country's leading example. I get more e-mail about Rush Limbaugh's, Ann Coulter's, and my own misjudgments about what's witty and what's tacky.
But censorship is generally a bad thing, not least because it interferes with understanding and good will.
This post, and thus my blog, got a boost from Making Light that raised the Blogspot to its present level of readership. Nothing seems to have raised it much higher, since.
Correspondents' Contributions 
(These tended to be political, and may not work for readers outside the U.S.)
As a recurrent theme this has mostly popped up in links to Liz Klimas's news stories. If you're following this issue in detail, I recommend following her at The Blaze, although that site is a memory hog with ads that can sometimes be obnoxious. (About half the computers I've used, during my blogging years, will not open The Blaze.)
This one leads to a broken link, but it's still relevant.
Three completely different types of Green posts attracted a lot of readers:
One of this pair of posts squeaked past the "popularity" mark I set for 2011. One did not.
Interracial Marriage 
There are those who say that the differences among human ethnic types aren't big enough to define "races," biologically, and are only "varieties." My ancestors belonged to two of the five most obvious varieties; my husband's ancestors included two more.
Me, Me, Me, Me, Me... 
I became interested in "Prozac dementia" when a man I was casually dating, at the time when I met my husband, became "depressed." A few months later he went off on a long, nonviolent but very worrisome, reaction to a conversation that he certainly never had with me. I felt sorry for him, especially since his depression was an early symptom of prostate cancer. He survived and was still socializing with mutual friends at last report, but...let's just say I don't want to be close to any more Prozac users. I don't care that many of them become asexual. I don't want to be sitting beside them on a bus.
+Lyn Lomasi and @rextrulove are actually doing, by now, what I wanted to do in this post...
I think this one was popular because the town of Riner isn't often in the news.
Michele Bachmann campaigned on her financial record in Congress; I liked that, and offered at least moral support to her presidential campaign.
Social Networking 
Each of these posts consists of a link, or links, with just a short comment.
Wrapping It Up 
Every post here should have a book link, and since Veeps is no longer new, let me update that "Book Promotion" by saying that Veeps is now A Fair Trade Book: $5 per copy + $5 per package, from which $1 per copy will be sent to Kelter and/or Shellabarger and/or their favorite charity, even if you order four copies at one time for a total of $25.
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