Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Link Log for December 16

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If you've ever seen these for sale where you live (I never have), don't buy them.



I cannot imagine why anybody's still using Facebook. At all. Ever. There are social sites now where you can not only keep your personal information off the site, but also get paid for posting. Facebook should already be dead.

Food (Yum)

Rice flour dumplings...if you can trust your source of natural, GMO-free rice, these are a gluten-free treat.

Gift Ideas

Health News 

Another McDougall Webinar:


Winter trees, and thoughts on photography as an art form...


Congressman Brat in the news:

How the IRS wants to kill charity:

And...The Republican Debate. I watched this one, although I would've been better qualified to watch probably any of the other ones. That's a separate post. Scroll down to see why Donald Trump really is unfit to lead the U.S. into war, although he obviously wants to.