Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Link Log for December 2

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The Sloth Sanctuary's Newsletter is always worth checking out...I think, anyway. I like animal sanctuaries (as distinct from extinction-oriented animal "shelters") and sloths are cool animals.

Dan Lewis's post about gefilte fish could almost go under "Food," but it's more about the fish while living...

Crafts (Definitely Not Kid Stuff) 

Keep this project well away from children and pets. I've dipped my hands into wood-ash lye, no harm done, rinsed right off, but if it gets inside the mouth it won't rinse off so easily.

Food (Yum) 

If you didn't share it with enough people to eat an entire turkey...

More details on concocting your own soup stocks, for vegans and carnivores;

And if you're lucky enough to find leftover cranberries on sale...

Kid Stuff 

Check out those streaky hand-knitted mittens. They cost less than $3 per pair (if you buy them locally, maybe more if you have them shipped online). If you use cotton they're oven mitts; if you use acrylic they're thick snow mittens; if you use wool they're shrink-and-stretch-to-fit, automatically self-warming snow mittens. And they really are easy enough to make that that little girl could have knitted them herself...and knitted extra pairs for the rest of the family. That's my comment. Kim D'alessandro writes about three other things kids traditionally do before Christmas.

(If you visit tomorrow morning, you'll see my full-length comment...complete instructions for knitting mittens like the ones in the picture.)

This post seems to be meant to be an open forum for sharing creative things to do with all the leftover clutter from gift-buying holidays.


Once again, let's all click to repeal it before the nation goes bankrupt...


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