Friday, December 25, 2015

Best of the Blogspot for 2014

(Reclaimed from Blogspot, where it was pre-scheduled to appear on Christmas Day and, in the haste of pre-scheduling, I forgot to have fun giving it "long-tailed tags.")

Merry Christmas to anyone who's online today! Blogspot readership was down in 2014, partly because much of what appears on the Blogspot for that year had already been read and discussed on Bubblews. Much, but by no means all; the following posts never appeared on Bubblews. Categories: Animals, Books, Correspondents' Contributions, Food, Law & Order, Phenology, Politics.
Books (a good read, but here's the book I recommend reading first): (Amazon had a photo for the French edition. What I had, and have since sold, was a first edition in English.)
(The photo really does more than all my words to make my point that, although belles doesn't translate anything in the title The Bible Story, these books are in fact characterized by images of Bible characters as good-looking people. They are picture books, and the pictures are the same in the French and English versions.)
This one may contain an error of fact. During the Clinton Administration, when I was researching his past, I read in more than one place that Bill Clinton's height was 6'5". Since, I've read that it was 6'2". Some people lose height after age fifty; or someone over whom Clinton towered may have accepted 6'5" and others, like me, may have copied that figure without question--it doesn't really matter, except to World Records buffs.
Correspondents' Contributions
Jeff Bayard, forwarded by Patricia Evans and others:
Patricia Evans:
Morgan Griffith:
Law & Order
Yes, the personal is still political...
Political ethics:
Some have called for a "New Constitutional Convention" that could lead to rewriting the U.S. Constitution. In this post, possibly the most popular post on this topic because controversy attracts attention and this piece of the story is about a controversy, a solid conservative writer argues that the "New Constitutional Convention" would be a bad idea.
Virginia Legislature 2014 
It was a less contentious year than 2013. That's the good news. The bad news was that this was partly because some Tea Partiers had given up.
This one raised some internal controversy. Grandma Bonnie Peters thought babies should not be brought to schools!