Thursday, December 10, 2015

Link Log for December 10

Edited to add a list of categories and insert the final link! Categories: Charity, Constitutional Rights, Food, Gift Ideas, Problem, and Ugliness.


The McDougall Foundation promotes education about promoting health and preventing or reversing diseases by correcting diet and lifestyle factors. This is a temporary link for U.S. readers who want to make a 501(c)(3) donation in December...

...Those who want to learn more about the McDougalls, their books, their program, their free online "webinars" about various health issues, and/or their (not free, not cheap) spa vacation retreats, can always click here.

Constitutional Rights 

David Kopel has written a long, thorough, but (predictably) readable and thoughtful analysis of U.S. bill S.649. I'm not sure how many readers will be interested in this one, but it's especially recommended to the correspondents from the White House who sent us the President's speech to San Bernardino.

Food (Yum) 

For those who can eat meat, cheese, and wheat bread, here's a suggestion for varying the old familiar sandwich:

For those who can't eat cheese and/or wheat, here's a mild and mellow Asian recipe that even the kids will probably like.

Gift Ideas 

Maybe what the Princess in the old story really needed was a couple thousand peas?

Here are some goofy ways to present a gift...

Problem, How to Be Part of the

How not to demonstrate the superiority of Christianity as a path to God:


(Now that's a topic this web site doesn't discuss often...) Somebody from Mystudentapt is continuing to follow this blog. People there went through a knicker-twisting display in September when I mentioned a person being ugly. So our reader from Mystudentapt might want to click here and find out what I do, and always will, see as ugly.