Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Link Log for December 8

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Why we really can't afford to sit on our hands, give all our money to big high-budget organizations, and tell our neighbors they can always "get help" from the government to pay their living expenses...I'm sorry that this is a PDF document, but it's documentation from a reliable source.
John McDougall, M.D., on dietary supplements:
How to use tarragon:
Genetically Modified Organisms
Apologies: These documents were published by Mother Jones, which means the web site may be obnoxious in more than just the obvious political way for some readers. Print it out from a public-access computer if you can. Because the document's being published by a big-name magazine means that, if these facts aren't solid, somebody's in trouble...which means the facts are probably solid.
Hazards Everywhere
How dangerous is vaping? Steve Milloy warns that this is still a preliminary study:
Today's Picture
This is a two-color version of a three-color sweater pattern that appeared in Knitter's magazine, Winter 1998. The sweater is real wool, fits up to 40" around, 5'4" to 5'10", and costs $75 + $5 for shipping.
(To buy it online, you'd use the "Donate" button, which should send the payment directly to a different address, and then e-mail salolianigodagewi @ yahoo to explain what you were supporting this site in exchange for. That doesn't sound right to me, but according to Paypal it's what we do at blog sites these days; if they still support product pages on blogs, I've not figured out how. As for Amazon...feh. This is a picture of the magazine to which the word "Knitter's" linked, above, as of December 8. I have copies of several back issues of Knitter's, including this one and the one shown at a previous post, for sale for $20 + $5 shipping; newer issues are much fatter than older ones, but you could get at least half a dozen in a package.)
The odd couple: Stephen King and Jerry Jenkins...
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