Sunday, December 13, 2015

Best of the Blogspot, May-November 2011

(Reluctantly reclaimed from Blogspot.)

(Thanks to +Sandy KS aka +Sandy for this suggestion.)
Here is the first installment of a list of the posts from my Blogspot that have attracted most readers' attention from 2011 to 2014. I've become accustomed to the fact that Blogspot posts consistently attract about one-tenth of the readership my Yahoo articles attracted even when they're the same articles. And Blogspot formatting makes them easier to read than Yahoo formatting did, too. I suppose the Blogspot readership consists of people who were actually interested in what I was saying, and the extra readership on Yahoo would've been advertisers who wanted to know what was appearing beside their ads. Anyway...this started out as a list of the most popular posts from 2011, set the bar low because hardly anybody was reading my posts during that first summer, and broke off in November because I was running out of space and time. (For more recent posts, the standard of popularity will be higher.)
This could be called the mission statement for the Cat Sanctuary:
Grayzel, the quiet but adventurous cat, picked a fight and lost it a few months after posing for her Official Photo.
"Priscilla Needs a Good Home!" Not the human writing this, but animals whose foster homes give them human names. I officially encourage adopting black cats or dogs with amber eyes, whether they're called "Priscilla" (if female) or "King" (if male) or something species-appropriate.
Bad Poetry 
"Bad Poetry" is my Blogspot label for two categories: (1) other people's collections, analyses, or deliberate efforts to write bad poetry, and (2) my poetry.
Many books reviewed at the Blogspot are Fair Trade Books, and, whether I've sold the copy I had while writing the review or not, they're still available through this site at the usual price. When I make the time, pages for these books will be appearing at the Blogjob Store ( Will Amazon and Paypal links appear at the Blogspot, too? Possibly...meanwhile, if you want one of these books, please use the contact addresses in the lower left-hand corner of the screen (above the ad).
This one attracted a lot of attention for reasons other than disaster relief when Grandma Bonnie Peters' and my e-mail accounts were hacked into by pests in Turkey...
This post started on Weebly and therefore consists of several short parts:
How to be controversial, and why that's the best way to be...
Does Priscilla King knit these dolls, too? Of course. And so can those of you who knit.
I think this one became popular because it's fun.
Health Care Reform 
Site of the raw egg that squirted up on my commending the Veterans Administration policy as it was working when my father was alive, I hadn't followed up and learned that the V.A. had become insurance-dependent, with egregiously unwelcome results. Veterans were quite right to hate this post, and shouldn't have been too polite/tough to say so, sooner than they did. Apart from the suggestion that the V.A. plan is still working the way it worked for many years, which is wrong, I stand by the rest of the post.
Yahoo hated this one, too:
Less controversial:
Individual Liberty 
A theme that keeps popping up in so many different ways...
Marketing (Yes, You Can Exploit My Sites!) 
It's called "perks." If you buy something from my Weebly, from my Blogspot, or from my Blogjob Store, you earn the right to a post--either a guest post by you, or a post written by me--with a live link to your site, even if your site and product are ones to which I would not otherwise long as there are no legal or cybersecurity issues with your site anyway.
Me, Me, Me, Me, Me... 
This one generated lots of hate from welfare addicts and their enablers. Hate on, you haters, hate on. You could call it the story of my life. What's changed? The cat roll call has changed. One of the rich elderly relatives did leave me some money...fortuitously, about the amount I'd been owing to a good friend for a long time. I never actually saw a penny out of my share of Great-Uncle Oily McFilthy's estate.
This is the one about how it's possible for me to see people's faces in fine detail, yet occasionally mistake strangers for family members...Despite this post, since the time of writing at least one young relative who shares the astigmatism gene has been mislabelled autistic.
More about the fine line between realistic discouragement and depression...
This one has been popular, presumably, with people researching the curious fact that some people have only one palmaris longus tendon and some have two in each wrist.
The Tulip Tree Beauty moth:
(Here's a Creative Commons photo of Epimecis hortaria, for Google +. Photographer: Cindy Sims Parr.)
Epimecis hortaria.jpg
I spent a lot of time at Live Journal in 2011, reading more than posting. Then I hardly visited LJ between 2012 and 2014. The e-friend's Live Journal linked here is less active than it was.
A slow steady attraction...
Far and away the most popular thing I posted in 2011.
All of these links broke when Yahoo Voices collapsed. Nevertheless, links to Yahoo friends' posts have been some of the most popular posts on the Blogspot:
Off Yahoo:
My high school had a bad year. Their football scores picked up after this was posted, but neither the Gate City Blue Devils nor the Union Bears won the state championship.
This is just plain weird...obviously a lot of women in their late forties have irregular cycles, and I'd tested for that before writing the post. Pineapple did not consistently accelerate my hormone cycles. Ginger and certain "air freshener" scents did. Would-be parents, take warning.

(Good news: Blogspot readership surged back up to where Yahoo readership had left off, this summer, ever since Blogspot has become friendlier to European readers...even though the majority of these increased page views are coming from the United States! Go figure. Those Wordpress tags: Clinchport VA flood 1977,Epimecis hortaria,libertarian approach to health care reformme me me me meMrs. Sharp’s Traditionsorganic food in Kingsport TNtulip tree beauty moth.)