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Monster Link Log for November 26 to December 1

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Food (Yum) 
The cake's not gluten-free, but the icing is.
Here's a naturally gluten-free, healthy salad to balance those carbs...
Funny Things
You've heard of small towns described as Nowhere, Nowheresville, Nothingtown...and Dan Lewis reports on an actual town called Nothing:
Global Warming 
Why should the goals of "global climate change" efforts be considered strictly targets? Because, although the more sensible of these efforts will have measurable beneficial change on the local warming and other pollution that we all know is a solid absolute fact, "global climate change" remains a theory. It's possible for factories and automobiles to have tighter filters, and it would be a good thing if they did; it's not guaranteed that that will affect whatever global climate change may happen.
But, just as the never-to-be-verifiable theory of macroevolution continues to have religious significance for some so-called scientists, so does the unverifiable theory of global warming that has political significance for a lot of the same guys:
Should those who believe in global warming just get off the Internet? Yes, the Internet does contribute to local warming...I think of my computer as a big piece of the heating system in my home office. Paper may actually turn out to be a little cooler than electronics after all. (In the home office it certainly is.)
Further questions for Dr. John McDougall on vaccinations? Ask him:
Here are links to his last few "webinars" that somebody might want to read:
I linked to this page before. For those who've already read the article, feel free to go directly to Bsroon's discussion of how to talk about GMOs:
Sarah Searle explains why farms aren't just places to stage weddings, but places to buy food.
Why does everyone hate Monsanto? Because this corporation is evil. They made poisons, they polluted rivers, they cheated workers, they ruined a good yarn company, and now they're sneaking DNA from disease germs into the food we eat so that we get sick and can't even work out exactly why. (If that's not GMO rice in my Success Brown Rice that's made me sick this year, what is it? Want to bet a hundred to one it's Roundup sprayed on the grain? Natural rice does not make me sick. Neither does salt. Neither does red pepper. You probably have to be gluten-intolerant to experiment by eating nothing but rice, salt, and red pepper to be sure.)
Some general good ideas about health...
This is generally an interesting article. I'm piqued by the confusion expressed in one line: "people have become more individualistic and score lower on tests of empathy..." I'd like to see more evidence that the younger generation are more individualistic, taking more individual responsibility for a world that's survived the collapse of socialism, than my generation were at their age. I'd even settle for more evidence that my generation are more individualistic, having absorbed the fact that socialism failed the countries that tried hardest to make it work. What I'm seeing is more evidence that people are more crowded and stressed, taking less interest in their neighbors and less responsibility for their neighborhoods, yet at the same time more willing to depend on a socialistic Welfare State--which they must already know is unsustainable--to take care of all the generous and public-spirited things they're not taking the time (or the risk) to do. Anyway, whatever the correct political term for this trend may be, here's a study showing how and why we should fight it. Think Christmas! (Confused? Individualism does not mean you don't care about your neighbors; it means you care about them individually.)
Dorothy Sayers said it much, much better...but Barry Shwartz does say it fast. A lot of people have been conditioned to think that, if you're self-employed, if your work is "creative," or if you enjoy your work, it's not a Real Job.
The Obama Administration plans to go out with a real bang of unpopular new regulations. Michael Needham describes them as "politically timed." Warning: you'll have to click through several pages of legalese to read exactly what they are--this is the live dot-gov link, not political commentary.
The Rising Generation 
First, may I remind Stephen Moore that today's college kids are nineteen years old, a stage of human life corresponding to the caterpillar phase in insect life. I don't know what kind of whiny self-obsessed poison-pills others were at that age, but I assure you I was much more concerned about my little mood swings, my friends' little mood swings, and who'd scored a point off whom than about the nuclear holocaust we expected to see any day back then. Or the impending ice age. Or even the fact that President Reagan's idea of thanking those of us who'd voted for him (or against Mondale actually) was to slash our tuition grants. I dare to hope that most of us have by now outgrown being nineteen, and so, very likely, will those who are currently nineteen.
Now, for nineteen-year-olds and those who have to deal with them...Moore's article may help:
Y'wanna protest, kids? Protest with my blessings. There are still lots of serious things to protest; there's no need to scream about whether an archaic word violates your "safe space" (education is not an emotionally "safe space," education requires you to stretch your brains). Protest the GMO and pesticide-laced foods that are probably causing your lousy rotten moods. (Dumping glyphosate, a.k.a. "Roundup," and "Roundup Ready" food into the food supply is racist--it (1) aggravates the effect of an almost exclusively Irish disease gene, and (2) replicates that effect in people with no known Irish ancestors.) Protest the elitism that masquerades as racism when "planners" try to crowd people out of historically ethnic-minority and/or rural neighborhoods. Protest the flagrant cheating that's destroying our well-intentioned welfare system. Protest the idiotic protectionist regulations that are keeping you from working your way through school now and will keep you from paying off your college loans or feeding your own children for the next twenty years. And if you want to get really real, literally boot people's bottoms or do even more violent things to those who deserve'em, and also improve your chances of employment after college in a country that's going bankrupt keeping you out of the workforce right now...a few of you might be able to get into the armed forces and do something about serious sexism as practiced by ISIS.
The Senile Generation? 
Uh-oh. Poor Toni Morrison...losing it so soon? Does the name of Vicki Weaver not ring a bell? The policy of most responsible newspapers is not to publish the names of rape victims, but this web site has long been citing the FBI statistics that show that Black girls (we mean girls, ages 10-16, as distinct from women) are by far the demographic most likely to report rape, and most describe the attackers as White males. So yes, all U.S. adults have seen a federal marshal (who was not Anglo-American, btw) shoot an unarmed White suspect, on suspicion rather than a warrant, while she was nursing a baby, and we have no excuse for not having heard about that other scenario Morrison mentioned either.
I can't watch it myself (I'm at a public computer center, waiting to be able to retrieve my private laptop computer from storage, but don't open videos on the laptop either). Nevertheless, I know somebody out there wants to see and hear Malala Yousafzai's father on video.
Doug Giles sent another video link that I couldn't watch, or listen to, but it contained an amusing song parody. I like song parodies. This post is long enough anyway so I'm posting the parody at Blogspot, along with the Thanksgiving Day Link Log and the contributions from other people.
Writing Jobs
Here's a writing site that works for some people, that hack writers willing to work cheap may want to try: