Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mini-Link Log for December 23?

[Update: Now with Amazon Contextual Ads as footnotes!]

I got some unexpected online time today! (Yay!) But not on the computer where I'm logged into Blogjob! (Boo!) This gives me a chance to visit Blogjob as an outsider, to congratulate Morgan Griffith on having attracted more page views to one post here than the rest of this web site has attracted all month, and also share a few links while they're fresh...Categories:


Lloyd Marcus declares war on p.c.-isms like "-phobic" and "Happy Holidays",,,and provides no trigger warning for those who may be upset by the big picture of Mary and Lloyd Marcus beside their Christmas tree, either. And there's a link some readers can use to hear their Christmas carol, too.

Wonderful Country


You've met Black British people, haven't you? So, does it shock you when a contemporary character in a British play is played by a Black actor? About twenty years ago somebody remade A Little Princess and cast a Black girl as Becky, and after a few seconds of "Whaaat?" I thought, "Y'know, not only could Becky have been Black, but so could one of the rich kids. England didn't have school segregation...and if there are still any fans of Louisa May Alcott out there, they might remember that in Little Women and sequels she said one of the boys at Plumfield was Black." So, does anyone remember Rowling spelling out what Hermione looks like? I don't. So why shouldn't Hermione be Black? Just because the only other person anybody remembers ever using the name "Hermione" was White?


Twenty different cooked dishes, plus side dishes? How many people are going to partake of your Christmas feast? I went to invite Grandma Bonnie Peters to one today, but she wasn't at current plans involve serving the cats two different flavors of kibble ('cos they always seem to enjoy a change). This could change. Neither of my kitchen stoves is fully operational, but if people want a Christmas feast at the Cat Sanctuary, it looks as if the weather may permit grilling in the yard!

Health News 

Should "crisis pregnancy centers" post notices telling women how to request publicly funded assistance to pay for abortions? Meh. Just my two cents' worth but I can't work up much indignation over this one. I can imagine the signs being offensive to women seeking help from religious groups to carry babies to term and either rear the babies or put them up for adoption, but if I were working at a "crisis pregnancy center" I think a quiet apology, plus looking the other way while angry, desperate, hormonal younger women expressed themselves with lipstick or nail files or whatever they had, might be a more effective way of educating the busybodies who want the signs posted, rather than wasting any more time or resources protesting.


Those who are on the White House e-mail list have already seen the Bidens' and Obamas' official playlist; however, this web site can't resist shouting ("MERRY CHRISTMAS!") to the Bidens for adding "The Delaware Slide." Cheers to our next-to-smallest State. This web site would like to remind readers that for many years Gate City's radio station's number one Christmas song was Ralph Stanley's version of "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem," which will always be on my playlist...

Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem


Is "In 2016, I will learn more about libertarianism" on your list of resolutions? If so, Jim Babka and Perry Willis are putting together a study guide just for you:


Jim Geraghty's reflections on "Makers & Takers" may be on a different track from mine, or they may just show a different perspective. What do you think?


The woman fakes a baby bump to get preferential treatment, gets caught, and gets arrested as a terror threat? Why is it hard to feel sorry for her?

While, in Las Vegas, those who try to rob stores and restaurants risk being mocked on social media. Go ahead and laugh at these Least Competent Criminals: