Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Link Log for December 9

It's a Persona Paper day! Categories:


My comment appears below the cartoon. (It's not original, but in real life people usually laugh.)

Dating Etiquette 

Guys, if you're nervous about the first date for any reason whatsoever, but you are physically able to show up for it, you MUST show up for it. "Hurt my back" isn't good enough. If you were able to drive or ride the bus home, you were able to show up for the date and at least say "I'm in too much pain to eat dinner, so may I, please, ask you to reschedule this date?" If you don't show up for the date and you want this woman to speak to you again, you must be able to prove that you were in the hospital, or at least that you'd been taken home by someone else under strict orders not to try to drive or walk.


Never waste a paper bag:


I know that "buried alive" feeling, and credit card debt has nothing to do with it. (Debts to real people, good people, who are not making interest money but patiently waiting for you to be able to pay them back, are even more bottoming...don't ask me how I know.)


Remembering John Lennon...


On the importance of correct punctuation:

Here's the post that triggered my Persona Paper post:

And here's my Persona Paper post: