Tuesday, December 29, 2015

So Then I Told the Senator...

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Don't you just love the way the Internet brings celebrities and unknown bloggers together? For the past few weeks I've been receiving e-mail solicitations to join the Republican Party. (I think of myself as a bit of a "Republican Party Reptile," albeit in different ways, and for different reasons, than P.J. O'Rourke.) This morning brought in one ascribed to Mitch McConnell, the controversial senior U.S. Senator for Kentucky. I opened it, because I usually do read e-mails from elected officials and often post them at the Blogspot...and when I saw that it was just another "join, subscribe, send money" e-mail, this is what came to mind:
"Dear Mitch, dear Reince, dear all of you celebrity and non-celebrity Republicans who've been sending out these e-mails,
I am not and have never been a member of a political party. However, I've read many Republicans' books. I'm currently just beginning Arthur C. Brooks' The Conservative Heart, in which he says that Republicans can make a better case for fiscal conservatism (and bring many TEA Parties into the fold) with a focus on opportunities, job creation, entrepreneurship, and fair compensation for work done.
I'm for it; specifically, "Priscilla King" and "Priscilla's Internet Portal" are an entrepreneurial venture whose focus is fair compensation for published writers. Fiscal conservatism is definitely one of our interests because we're the kind of undercapitalized entrepreneurs Mrs. Clinton so famously dismissed, and as an experienced professional in the prime of life who would have needed no more than 10 days' sick leave in the past 10 years, I personally am extremely tired of being told that I ought to qualify for and/or plead for food stamps rather than struggling to survive on my current lack-of-income...$200 a month? (Or less.)
Well, I'm not asking for any handouts. I'm not planning to continue struggling to survive on an income lower than what many Republicans spend on their dogs, either.
What I am proposing is that Republicans sponsor a "Frugal Gracious Living Challenge" I'm launching at Blogjob...in other words, youall pay me for something I'm willing and able to do for you.
During the year 2016, I'm proposing to write a verifiable, personal but not intimate, blog about how well it's possible to live on $1000 per month. That's well below the poverty level, well below what leftists claim people need to survive (according to their Agenda-21-inspired plans)...but I can show readers how to make $12,000 per year:
* Support special dietary needs as recommended by a doctor
* Fund unbelievable DIY home improvement and restoration projects
* Launch a 100% woman-and-minority-owned business providing services badly needed in a low-income ("Appalachian") community
Far from sitting around whining for additional handouts, I will capitalize on this $12,000. I can't guarantee immediate profits, but I can guarantee an ongoing live demonstration, six days a week, 300 to 1000 words a day, with photos, of how much $12,000 a year can do when it's unshackled from the fear that any risky investments might cut off future handouts.
It will be good.
It will be competently written.
It will be documented and verifiable.
It will include photos, maybe even audio-video clips.
It will be a fun read for both sexes and all ages.
And, if Republicans care to invest in it, I will definitely return half of any profits, or an equal share of the donations to charity, as may become applicable, to the Republican Party. And I'll blog about that, too.
Here's to a pleasant and profitable year!
Priscilla King"
(I said "100% woman-and-minority-owned." Meh. I'm a woman and my Significant Other belongs to an ethnic minority, but that's not a permanent guarantee that we'd never, ever, let a White man have a share of it...if we reach a stage where one wants to.)
But that's not all, Gentle Readers. The opportunity to sponsor this project is by no means limited to the Republican Party, nor to Republicans (I don't think it's a project Democrats would care to endorse, but they're welcome to prove me wrong). Any number can play. The important thing is that sponsors get a total of $1000 into my Paypal account for each month, so that I can stop asking people to invest in the project and start actually doing it. (Paypal allows people to pledge monthly payments, if they want to do that.)
To repeat, and emphasize: Although Paypal has provided a "donation" button on the left-hand side of the screen, which any reader with a Paypal account is encouraged to use...I don't think of funding this project as "donations." This project is for my personal profit, but it's also dedicated to the well-being of the nation. I want to help rich Americans reconsider the way they think of poverty, and "poor" Americans realize how rich they are and how well-off they can be.
I will be using this project to build a better blog. Sponsors can expect to see more about new books, new music, local attractions, farms, restaurants, and all kinds of fun stuff.
And, not only can you support the project--feel free to get something for your money. Blogjob blogs are set up with "Store" sections. I've not put a lot of virtual merchandise into my "Store" section yet; I'll be putting in more throughout the year. All profits on purchases from the "Store" go into the Frugal Gracious Living Challenge. And I'm an Amazon Affiliate; if you don't see something in the store, but you see it on Amazon, I can add it to the "Store."
For example, if you click on the image below, it will open a page you may use to buy The Conservative Heart. (It's still a new book, so please buy it new to show respect.) If you use this link to buy this book, Arthur C. Brooks gets some money, the bookseller who posted the image gets some money, and I get some money...though not much, yet. Whether you consider yourself "conservative" or not, this book is recommended: