Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Best of the Blogspot for 2012

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I just checked...Norton Juster is still alive, at latest report, and writing.

(Here's NJ's comment on his best known book:
For a popular book, faint praise is better than none...
If I didn't already have it, this would be a book I'd want for Christmas.
News item, not a review:
I posted lots of charity links. This is the only one that attracted a lot of readers. This tells me that even the fundraisers for these charities don't check what's being written about them on the Internet. How much of a tactical mistake is that? Do potential donors use the Internet?

Correspondents' Contributions 
Jim Babka:
Bill Carrico. (Yes...among the non-welfare-cheat class in rural America, enterprises that other communities wouldn't want, that offer miserable jobs, are welcomed--eagerly!--as "job creators." I think some of the hundreds of page views this post received were from local job seekers.)
Patricia Evans:
Bob McDonnell:
Christina Walsh, forwarded by other correspondents:
This one gets very controversial. Short version: I think the standards for promotion even to grade two should be much higher than they currently are, and a lot of students who are currently in grade one should take another year before entering grade two--much less college. I don't think money should be a barrier to anyone's earning as many university degrees as they can earn. I do think that keeping academic standards high will, realistically, keep some people from ever entering even grade five, while allowing others to fast-forward into medical school before they're old enough to vote...and I think that would be a good thing.
Family Matters 
Aunts are entitled to see the kids' side of these things.
Guaranteed to work.
Interracial Marriage
Yes, church founder Ellen White advised against interracial marriage. Yes, her reasoning was that it would attract hostility from outside parties. Some progress has been made...not enough.
Why some posts about knitted pieces were very popular and others weren't, I don't doesn't seem to be because the knitted pieces photographed especially well.
The blue "Collage" sweater sold...Would readers like to knit their own version of Christian De Falbe's "Collage" and also his "Kaleidoscope" sweaters? Plus simpler designs, like the one on the cover?
Little More than Links 
How posts containing little more than links become popular, I don't know, but the readers have spoken:
This one was a temporary link, but it's attracted lots of page views...although Todd Cefaratti's Fundly page expired, Fundly still exists.
(This one was madly popular in India, with supporters of Shiva Ayyadurai's lawsuit, although it doesn't presume to pass judgment on his legal claims.)
This one does at least contain an original wisecrack:
Makers and Takers
This post contains early allusions to the current residents of the Cat Sanctuary.
This one was probably popular because it linked to a celebrity writer's article.
This one wasn't popular, but it's an important part of the thought process:
Apparently there's quite a lot of interest in the Wood Roaches mentioned here; lots of people searched for them, and an article I wrote about them in 2013 was also popular.
As distinct from legislation, which is the focus of the Blogspot in January and February.
Virginia Legislature 2012 
Ah, the life of a barefoot writer...with spammers:
And perks:
This reader actually earned a perk:
And "web demands":
And, finally, the actual writing...English word usage: