Thursday, December 31, 2015

Link Log for December 31

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Still digging my way out of e-mails, some from before Christmas; answering some with links to
...and finding links in others. When will I do Twitter, Persona Paper, Live Journal, or write an actual article type post again? Categories: Food (Yum), Fun Stuff, Music, Phenology Links, Psychology, Amazon Photo Link.
Food (Yum) 
This is one recipe where you can just substitute self-rising cornmeal for self-rising flour--no need to add any exotic grains, if you can get cornmeal that's not been bioengineered to do as much damage as gluten does--and get a precise gluten-free equivalent. The banana smooths out the texture, and the oils in the banana and cornmeal allow the amount of shortening to be drastically reduced. I've made similar things as cakes, cupcakes/muffins, and even, to save electricity, as full-sized flapjacks. A banana-chocolate-cornmeal flapjack will stick if not started in a hot skillet, and scorch if the heat isn't turned down promptly, but it will flip, rise, and taste good.
Here's a simple, authentic Asian beef recipe:
Fun Stuff 
All things Icelandic interest me, and not only because I'm a knitter. It's really a country that one can believe exists, as described, only because nobody could possibly have made it up.
U.S. readers, I'm guessing you've never heard of any of these singers or any of their songs...
Phenology Link 
Even Santa Claus is getting weird weather :-) (Thanks to Steve Milloy for the link.)
Just one link, not even from the U.S., about a general principle of politics.
C.S. Lewis put it more succinctly: "Aim at happiness and you will lose it. Aim at Heaven and you will get it, and happiness thrown in."
Here's a nondenominational exposition of the same idea, with an example.
And the Picture Is...
Everybody likes C.S. Lewis, right? Click on this graphic to buy the book...