Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Link Log for December 22

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The Pine Marten:
+Marsha Cooper found a gorgeous new knitting book before I did. Congratulations!
(Here's an earlier edition...)
Somewhere a soldier's lonely elderly parents are wishing they or their soldier could afford an international phone call.
(I'm pre-scheduling a couple of Christian posts on my Blogjob, too, just in case any Christian has to work at a security desk somewhere over the holidays.)
Small towns, including mine, are self-destructing by tolerating the kind of behavior +Andria Perry describes here. Personal reference, for the local lurkers: Yes, youall saw me in the market with that oaf whom I had to tell not to blurt out everything he knew, or thought he knew, about every customer or prospective customer as the person walked away. And he did it again. "That's John Doe, and he lives at..." So you've not seen me there again.
A good post to read before roasting a turkey...
...and here are two more things to do with leftover turkey...
What if your Christmas feast is not a turkey? What if it's a tougher sort of animal--a cheap steak, or maybe venison?
What if you prefer a (traditionally) healthier source of essential fats? After all we've read about "Frankenfish"...I'd say, enjoy salmon while you can.
Gift Ideas 
If you're shopping for me, see my comment...
Random kindness, senseless beauty...support this web site...
Here's the introduction...
Here's the BBC's summary...
Phenology Link 
With so many pines and firs grown for the express purpose of becoming indoor Christmas trees, should anyone ever cut down a slow-growing red cedar tree for that purpose? I say YES--if the tree is growing in or near an apple orchard, where the combination of cedars and apples together allows a bizarre fungus infection to damage the apple crop.