Saturday, December 26, 2015

Best of the Blogspot, January-June 2015

(Reclaimed from Blogspot, where it was pre-scheduled for the Saturday after Christmas Day, with the following tags: A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson BurnettBubblews scamChristian apologetics as songme me me me mePriscilla King’s cat Sisawat,Republican Party Reptile,Wedgwood Trio.)

Higher Blogspot (and social network) activity led to higher reader numbers during this six months, so this is a long list...although most of the posts about the Virginia Legislature went on Freedomworks. Categories: Animals, Books, Christian, Correspondents' Contributions, Food, Link Logs, Me Me Me Me Me, Phenology, Psychology, Traffic Safety, Writing. The Best of the Blogspot for the second half of 2015 will probably be a shorter list, because I spent much less time on Blogspot, and won't be compiled before 2016.
Another update: The post linked shows what I expected Sisawat would look like as an adult cat. Here's what she does look like as an adult cat. Yes, she is part of the Patchnose Family and has a patch of almost white fur on her nose--the reverse of the way she looked as a kitten. Yes, she's still very close to Irene, the calico cat who refused to get her back end out of the picture.
Music of Coal: Mining Songs from the Appalachian Coalfields
This book review mentions that last year the Wedgwood Trio's web page wasn't working. I just checked, and now it's in such condition that Google won't even display a "description." Oh come onnn, I know there are some True Geeks in the church. Well, until the band's web page is fixed, here's a web site that advertises that you can listen to and buy digitized versions of this classic Christmas album and at least one more...
Mountain Christmas (feat. Dick Walker), The Wedgwood Trio
...and thus get to know what this book and review were all about:
This web site feels no need to help anybody locate music by Julio Iglesias. Really.
(There are other editions; here's the one I had when I wrote the review.)
And here's a post for book lovers in general:
(A Little Princess doesn't specifically mention Christmas, but it does mention Sara getting lovely prezzies in bleak, cold winter.)
I classify this as Bad Poetry, but frankly I enjoy singing it.
Correspondents' Contributions 
When the Blogspot reopened, we'd agreed to limit correspondents' contributions on political topics to those from elected officials. The idea was to drive more political traffic to the all-U.S. site, Freedomworks, where it belongs. I see no evidence that things posted at Freedomworks have been popular, though...partly that's because the site doesn't display statistics.
However, the Angiers' presentation is more philosophical than political. I've downloaded and read it; it's better than I expected.
Food Democracy Now:
U.S. Representative Morgan Griffith, R-VA-9:
U.S. Representative Robert Hurt, R-VA-5:
Mary and John McDougall:
Food (Yum) 
Link Logs 
This one rebukes State Senator Carrico for voting to pass by a bill he'd co-sponsored himself. He later wrote to indignant constituents that that was because the issue was under consideration as a federal law issue, so it wouldn't have been any use to perfect a state law. The web site officially forgave him:
Me Me Me Me Me 
My financial situation is no better since this post was written, and yes, I am still seriously wondering whether it's time just to stop eating. I have suffered fewer reactions to GMO or glyphosate-contaminated food in 2015 than in 2014, because the list of things I'm willing to risk eating has shrunk by two-thirds. Still, more foods have been added to the list of things I no longer eat.
This rant had been percolating in the back of my mind, and came out when I was asked to write a guest post at a third party's blog--third party was the one who wanted more posts about the baby video. Later on I was paid to research and write a guest post, elsewhere, about the precise amount of window tinting that's legal in different parts of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
Not quite as popular as the icky caterpillar posts, this one's actually sort of pretty...although it's not the post that contains the unflattering photo of Sydney, the gorgeous Australian Shepherd dog.
March 2015 came in like a particularly fierce lion...
Despite having received its fair share of attention at Bubblews, when transferred to Blogspot this post attracted readers again. Each time it was posted, walking along local roads soon showed me that some local lurker was getting the benefit of it. Maybe I should re-post it every six months...I'm seeing cans piling up along Routes 23 and 58 again.
This one included photos of pretty flowers:
This one has a beautiful bird photo, although it's not my own:
The post for May 19 starts out with pretty pictures (my own!) and then gets political:
Do you have an Inner Mean Girl? (It's possible for men to have one.) If you take the online test, you might realize, as I did, that you either don't really have one or have already successfully reformed her. If not, this link includes summaries of quick tips for reforming the Inner Mean Girl, or Mean Guy.
Do you have a preference for one physical type or another?
I think it's the vampire community who've been reading this reclaimed Bubble:
Here's a story about the one time my horoscope seemed relevant to what happened that day...
Traffic Safety 
When I wrote this, I had no idea that, within the year, I'd be telling Grandma Bonnie Peters that if I went anywhere with her I wanted to drive. This change has been sad and scarey for both of us.
Blogspot readership was down in 2014, when most of my writing time was spent on other sites. Readership resurged in 2015, around the same time the Blogspot lost a sponsor because its readership was low.
Though this was my reaction to our low readership:
Meanwhile, as for one of those other sites...
This is still a slow, but apparently honest, way to earn money online...not for writing but for taking boring but legitimate, anonymous, mostly shopping-related surveys.