Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bill Carrico Focusses on Achievement: 350 Jobs

From State Senator "Bill" Carrico, via Stuart Higley:

Richmond – The General Assembly has adjourned its 2013 session, bringing a conclusion to what has been a productive two months in Richmond for the citizens of Southwest Virginia. When the final gavel fell in the State Senate on Saturday, a budget had passed both chambers that includes $18 million to open the River North Correctional Facility in Grayson County.

“This has truly been a historic session of the General Assembly for Southwest Virginia,” said Sen. Bill Carrico (R-Fries). “For years, we have fought tirelessly to open the River North Correctional Facility and put hundreds of our citizens back to work. At long last, with the support of leaders across the state, we have passed a final budget that will open the facility. I cannot overstate the magnitude of this victory for our region.”

The conference budget, which was passed in the House and Senate on Saturday, includes $18 million to open the Grayson County prison in October of this year. It is estimated that approximately 350 jobs will be directly created by the facility, which was completed over two years ago but has remained vacant since. If Gov. McDonnell signs the budget bill, then the facility will face no further hurdles en route to opening in the fall.

The 2013 session saw Carrico pass a number of bills of local importance and resulted in a key post on the Finance Committee for the first-term Senator, who spent 10 years in the House of Delegates. “This session has been a watershed moment in my public service career,” Carrico said. “It’s an honor to have had such a successful session, and I’m excited by the good news for our region and my influential role in the Senate.”

Carrico will serve on various committees during the interim, and plans to actively campaign for Republicans during the upcoming 2013 elections."