Friday, February 22, 2013

Wheelchair Users Who Aren't Wheelchair-Bound

The blogger known as Kaberett wittily describes the difference between being a wheelchair user and being wheelchair-bound:

This web site has sometimes referred to "wheelchair users" and "wheelchair dwellers" as two separate categories from people who are truly "wheelchair-bound." (A wheelchair dweller might use a wheelchair all day, every day, for a few months, and be unable to walk during that time, without being permanently "bound.") "Wheelchair users" is the most inclusive term.

All three groups are growing and, although this web site does not support local laws or ordinances requiring that people make stores wheelchair-accessible before they can start doing business, this web site does periodically remind people that they may be the first to regret it if their home or business is not fully wheelchair-accessible. On a list of things to mend or remodel, wheelchair access should come right behind dealing with leaks, holes, mold and vermin.