Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Increase Information Sharing to Increase Security?

President Obama thinks we can increase the security of information stored on computers by increasing "information sharing"? ??? That settles it--he is not and has never been a geek, a nerd, or even an introvert. The question is, if someone falls for that, what else will he believe?

"Let's prevent car theft by requiring all ignition systems to be started by identical keys."

"Let's prevent bubonic plague by declawing all the cats."

"Let's prevent tooth decay by banning the sale of toothbrushes."

Let's put it this way. If you want to store anything that is at all sensitive on a computer--your accounting, your travel plans, your love letters, the first drafts of poems that even after seven years writing for the Internet you still don't want people to see--you must remove the modem. That won't prevent the FBI from tracking every keystroke and mouse-click, finding out which porn sites you've visited (if any) and snickering at your typos, but it will protect your information from ordinary hackers, e.g. your children. If your computer has a modem, that information is not "secure."

And if our government is storing any national secrets on computers that can be used for any kind of "sharing" with utility companies or anyone else, we as a nation are in serious danger, and need to demand that all computers that have ever stored or transferred any sensitive information about our country be melted down immediately. I'm told that burning the plastic and melting the metal is the only way to keep that information "secure" enough.

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