Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Joe Biden on Self-Defense

Ben Shapiro shares a classic Biden Moment:

For the record, I used to keep a shotgun at the Cat Sanctuary with the intention of firing it into the air to scare off trespassers. Within the first year I kept this shotgun, I used it that way, successfully, to discourage a groundhog from eating my irises, and to encourage a stray dog to go back toward its home...and then one night I heard someone poking around a neighbor's shed. This neighbor's grandparents used to have a house across the road from the Cat Sanctuary, and the shed used to mark the end of their kitchen garden; the neighbor's house is up above the brow of the hill, with no view of either my house or this shed. So I shot into the air, trimming a few leaves off the maple tree, and someone else shot into the air, taking a few leaves off a dogwood tree on the neighbor's property. I thought I'd probably exchanged neighborly salutes with the owner of the shed, but I wasn't going to find out at the risk of getting into a real gunfight over someone else's rowboat or power mower. Well, sure enough, the neighbor had been careless in his choice of friends, and some "friend" who knew what was in the shed had latched on to it. We now have electronic security devices, and aren't on such friendly terms as our grandparents used to be.

Many firearms dealers teach or sponsor firearms safety classes. One of these people, who has not provided a screen name, says, "Never draw a weapon unless you intend to use it. People get killed when they are showing off and acting stupid."