Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SB 277: Whose Choice Is Abortion, Again?

For those whose primary concern is "the woman's right to choose" (and for nobody else--it's not a pleasant story) this web site recommends Billy Hallowell's disturbing report:

Happens, Gentle Readers. In fact, if pregnant teenagers are wards of the state, I've been told that social workers routinely push hard for them to "choose" abortion.

In view of the risk to these teenagers, and the fact that many of them became pregnant as the result of rape/incest/abuse, this web site thinks it would be hard to make the penalties for pressuring teenagers toward the uglier "choice" severe enough.

So do our more clearheaded State Senators...

This bill was proposed last year, then postponed until this year, and then, apparently, just ignored. Possibly that's because so many other controversial things have been going on in the legislature this year. In any case, SB277 needs to become law.