Thursday, February 14, 2013

SB 819: Tourist Train Update

Virginia Senate Bill 819 would, as discussed before, authorize the creation of a cute little toot-toot train for tourists. Everybody loves trains. Everybody loves tourists. Except people who actually live in the communities through which the tourist train is supposed to pass, who claim that this innocent-looking bill will intermesh with local laws to destroy their businesses and interfere with their right to live in their homes...

Attention readers who hate SB 819. You are up against a tough one here. The list of Delegates who refused to kill this Senate Bill in committee include at least two who are generally vigilant about evil Agenda 21 bills: "Crockett-Stark, Poindexter, Morefield, Edmunds, LeMunyon, McQuinn, Surovell, Kory." (Delegate Iaquinto voted against the bill.) Oh, right, we don't pass judgment on legislators at this web site, we try with all due respect and all possible good will to educate them...but yours may need to hear from you.

Not just "I don't like it." They need facts about how many of their constituents live and work in places that would be adversely affected by the tourist train, and exactly how youall would be affected. Without those facts, they're likely to listen to the promoters of this project, who will be purring in their ears to the tune of "What kind of mean old Scrooges don't like trains and tourists?"

With those facts, they can tell the promoters, "Come back next year and we'll work out something more satisfactory to the local people." So act now, Tea Parties in Tazewell, Pocahontas, and Bluefield, West Virginia. Tell them what you've told me, only in detail--your legislators know the names of your streets and so on and so forth. Tell your neighbors. Pile the facts on'em. Otherwise, you're about to get a tourist train and a reputation for being Scrooges.